Sunday, March 25, 2018

This Blows! Or Not...

Well, It's "Later"

Back when I got "Trogdor" from my buddy, I had to undo some "Because Racecar" type of modifications made to the car.

One of the modifications was the reinstallation of the Heater Box, Blower Motor and associated Ducting under the dash.  I also wanted to replace the cracked 93 Dash with one in better condition.

I picked up the parts from a 91 TSi that a mutual friend was junking back in Texas, along with a replacement Dashboard from a local junkyard.

The Dashes were swapped and the Blower Motor, Heater and Ducting were installed as well.  Unfortunately, the Temperature Selector Cable wasn't installed properly, and I could never get full range of motion out of the dial.

At the time, it worked (kind of), and I really didn't feel like dicking around with possibly having to pull the Dash again if the Heater Core had to come back out, so I let it sit and resolved to fix it..."later".

Fix One Thing...

A week or so ago, I finally fixed my Fuel Gauge and had the engine running to check everything out in the cockpit of the car.

I decided to check the operation of the Blower Motor, Mode Select and Ventilation settings, and of course..

Something Broke

The Mode Select Knob got stuck in the Defrost position and wasn't blowing air out of the Defrost Vents.  I couldn't get the knob to rotate back to the Vent position and of course the Temperature Selector Knob, only "Kind Of" worked.  At least the Ventilation Source Knob worked just fine. 

 I had that at least going for me.

They Put It, Where?

After a few days of procrastination, I decided I might as well fix the stupid thing.  Again.

In order to do that, a bit of the Interior needed to be removed to access the Control Cables for the Ventilation and Heating System.

It wasn't hard to remove, I was just irked because I had taken some of it apart a bit ago when I was troubleshooting my Fuel Gauge issue.


This is what I removed:
  • Glovebox
  • Radio
  • D/S Knee Protector Pad
  • Center Console Side Panels
  • Ventilation Ducting On The Passenger And Driver's Side
Now, time to get after it.

Mode Select

This was a easy fix, as the Selector Cable had popped loose from the Retaining Clip securing it to the Heater Box.  Without the cable secured, it couldn't move the Mode Select Lever on the Heater Box.

The Lever is located on the Driver's Side of the car, underneath the Dash.  The Knee Protector Pad, and the Side Cover for the Center Console needs to be removed to access this Cable.  You'll have to lay on your back and crawl under the dash to see it.

I disconnected the Cable and manually cycled the Lever on the Heater Box to confirm the Lever wasn't binding.  Moving the Lever to the proper positions manually, had air from the Blower Motor going to the proper vents.

The Cable End was reinstalled and secured in the Retaining Clip after consulting the FSM to ensure it was adjusted correctly.

It's Getting Hot In Here

The Temperature Selector Lever is located on the Passenger Side of the car, directly behind the Radio.  Removing the Radio, Glovebox and the Side Panel for the Center Console makes this easier to access than the Mode Selector Lever.

The Cable End and the Cable itself was still secured properly, and working (kind of), so I checked the FSM for the adjustment procedure.

It turns out the Cable was improperly adjusted and just needed to be reinstalled correctly.

Why Not?

I also checked the Ventilation Source Cable and verified adjustment, since it was easy to reach due to the Glovebox being removed already.


Per The 93 Factory Service Manual:

Temperature Control
  •  Set Temperature Knob to "HOT" (Full Clockwise)
  • Lever On Heater Box, Pressed Completely "DOWN"
  • Secure Rod End And Cable In These Positions
Mode Select
  • Set Mode Knob to "Defrost" (Full Clockwise)
  • Lever On Heater Box, Pressed "FORWARD" Towards The Firewall
  • Secure Rod End and Cable In These Positions
Ventilation Source
  • Set Air Select Knob to "RECIRCULATE"
  • Lever On Air Duct, Pressed Completely Against The Stopper
  • Secure Rod End And Cable In These Positions

Now, if only I still had A/C in this stupid thing.

Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot....