Sunday, August 13, 2017

It's Been Awhile



It has been awhile. Actually,  it's been so long I had trouble remembering how to log into this stupid thing. 

No excuse really, but I just kind of fell off the wagon, and stopped writing. I work a lot, have a GF that monopolizes (kidding, put the knife down) some of my time and spend the remainder out in the garage, so this was real easy to put by the wayside.  It's also kind of labor intensive, since writing doesn't really come naturally to me. 

Which is strange, because I LOVE to read and you'd figure that love of reading would help on the other end with writing. 

Nope.  Not really. 

My GF can hammer out a blog post, like it's nothing with pictures, diagrams and unicorn rainbow GIFs all up in that bitch.  You can check it out HERE .  She's pretty good at it.

Me?  Mr. "Two Finger Typist?"  Yeah, right. See you in two hours.

Enough about that, let's try to get back into it with what's been going on with the garage and the cars.

 So, What Gives?

The reason why I even thought about this thing, was that I started reading a blog a guy had started on a DSM site detailing his efforts to fix/modify/repair/exorcise a 1991 Eagle Talon TSi/AWD.  You should check it out, HERE .

 It kind of reminded me, "Hey Stupid.  Don't you have one of these too?"  

So yeah, I'm back for however long that lasts.


There have been a few changes since my last post.  One car left, and others have made their way into the garage.  Actually that's one of the changes...I had to get another garage, so I'm now leasing two garages from the complex.

I honestly don't know if that's a good thing, recognizing the need for more space or indicative of a future long term issue.

The Lineup

99 Miata- Sold it in February.  Kind of kicking myself for doing so, because I got kind of lucky with that car, minor issues notwithstanding. 

I liked this car, A LOT

But I didn't love it. 

 So, I had an opportunity to pick up something that I did love (hate, whatever), and unfortunately that meant, the Miata had to go.

I sometimes find myself perusing Craigslist looking for a cheap NA or NB to pick up, but need to stop torturing myself and wait until I get into a house with more room, for more projects.

93 Eagle Talon TSi/AWD- The replacement for the Miata as "Jackstand Queen" and "Permanent Garage Occupant."

Picked it up from a buddy of mine back in Texas, and I'll do another post about what led to the decision to get it and how it got up here.

 It's like a roomful of Baby Daddies on the set of the Springer show.  Plenty of material to mine here.

2001 VW Beetle 1.8l Turbo-  Picked this up as a Valentine's Day gift for the GF.  Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be too interested in getting it tagged...insured, or even in driving it.  Which really bums me out, because it's really a cool little car.  There's material a plenty here as well.  It took some time and effort to get it road worthy.

2005 VW Golf TDI-  Yeah, The Helmet has been giving me issues as well.  Spent way too much time under the hood of this thing as well.

So, that's where it stands right now.  4 cars, two garages and one cranky guy. 

Let's see what the future holds, eh?

Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot.....

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